Asbestos Management Plans and Response Actions Needed to Avoid Health Risks

asbestos management

An asbestos management policy helps individuals with correct management and regulation of facilities and buildings to avoid exposure to asbestos fibres by employees and site visitors alike. This individual must take reasonable measures to seal and mark asbestos in a list, track and label asbestos on a facility wall and inform all individuals on the property where asbestos is present, and the effects of prolonged exposure to asbestos. This can be done by replacing any asbestos with another material or just by marking it so that you cannot have anyone come in to do it. When asbestos becomes airborne, it may not remain airborne for very long, but can be breathed in and cause health problems. Therefore, effective asbestos management is very essential because if you do not properly manage this threat, there would be many more problems to deal with than just skin irritation to workers and occupants of the facility.

An asbestos management policy may include the following areas: Site Management, Building Materials Abatement, Contamination Control, and Emergency Response. Each one of these areas will need careful and sensitive handling to protect yourself from all asbestos threats that may come your way. It is important to employ all the best practices for all of these areas of responsibility, to ensure that asbestos use and management are done in the right way to avoid safety issues that could have been avoided. There are many contractors out there that specialize in asbestos management and abatement services, and looking up several reputable contractors would be in your best interest to handle the project from start to finish.

For a safe and secure facility, starting with site and building materials abatement is a very good first step. If a suspected asbestos containing materials is found on a property, a site plan should be drawn up to determine the best method of getting rid of the materials safely. Some asbestos removal methods can be very hazardous, so having a professional by your side during this process is crucial. They can also provide much needed information and direction for your employees and property managers. A good contractor would also be able to provide necessary equipment and supplies to properly dispose of any asbestos-containing materials. This includes vacuum trucks, asbestos disposal containers, asbestos disposal suction machines, and more.

Next, having a solid asbestos management plan in place will allow you to take immediate action if there is an asbestos contamination or if a site is showing signs of potential danger. Having these in place, your company will be able to take appropriate actions, such as calling in an expert, like a mitigation specialist. Mitigation specialists are specially trained in asbestos removal and the control of asbestos contamination on properties. With their help, you can limit the amount of asbestos-containing materials on your property and have them removed quickly and safely, without putting anyone’s health at risk.

Having a management plan would also include emergency action plans and follow up management procedures in the event of an asbestos spill or contamination. In the event of accidental contamination or spill, you should have your asbestos management professional take care of it. Emergency action plans should include instructions for emptying of waste, containing the spill itself, cleaning up contaminated soil and removing the contaminated debris.

Follow up management procedures include surveying the site to make sure the asbestos containing materials have been disposed of correctly and that no other asbestos related materials are still there. If asbestos fibers are detected on a property, the asbestos containing materials should be removed and the area cleaned up. This step is generally referred to as ‘removing the threat.’

Asbestos abatement and removal by a qualified professional are critical for reducing the overall health risks associated with asbestos exposure. When asbestos management plans and response actions are not taken, it increases the likelihood of serious health problems down the road. For this reason, you should seriously consider having an asbestos abatement and removal company come out and inspect your premises for visible signs of asbestos.

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