Email Hosting Reseller Accounts For People With Email Domain Shame

In the world of business, an impressive reputation can influence business decisions. Those with a good image professionally get ahead of competitors and secure their position against newcomers. A professional image, however, does not only include fashionable clothing and good grooming, but also representation online through the person’s email address. If you think using a common email domain is satisfactory, then you should think again.

The concept of email domain shame comes from the stigma of having a free account at any of the common email providers, such as Yahoo! or Hotmail. Emails from these sites usually contain spam, suspicious links and phishing scams Email1and1 . Most email addresses with these domains are included in block lists, which many sites and online services use to identify spammers.

Obviously, simply buying a domain name is not the right solution. A domain name may be good for people who also want to put up a website. If you simply need a respectable-looking email address, then seeking the services of an email hosting reseller is your best option.

Email hosting is significantly more beneficial than a free email account. According to an interesting study conducted by Credit Karma two years ago, creditors did not trust owners of email addresses from Yahoo and Hotmail. In contrast, owners of email accounts from BellSouth and Comcast have a better image with credit card companies and other financial institutions.

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