How Is All Z-Strain Mushrooms Different From Each Other?

So you’re wondering, “What is the best mushroom to grow?” The answer is Z! Just because it’s called Z, doesn’t mean it has to be the most potent or expensive. It all depends on what you consider ‘best,’ and which characteristics are most important to you.

z strain

Its not really dependent upon what you label mushroom you grow. Its still a Cubensis, its potency will still differ depending on substrate, genetics, surroundings and species. I have tried two kinds of the of strain, both of which were exceptional, and it’s currently my favorite out of all of them. The reason I choose it above all others is because of it’s potency, fast growth rate, and beautiful fruiting bodies.

Some strains out there have even surpassed my expectations. My first harvest yielded beautiful z strain mushrooms that were full of chanticle, with tons of stringy caps. After I decided to culture these, I immediately infected myself, and boy was I surprised. I got a crop that had a much tighter, more capsular structure, which is what I love about the z strain; the rest just falls apart.

My next discovery about a strain mushrooms was it’s great taste, which I haven’t found in any other types I’ve grown. This one has a very sweet taste, with a hint of bitterness at the end. This is mainly due to the lack of fermentation during maturation. Other characteristics include its unique sweet fruity aroma and mellow taste. Due to the fact that the mushroom doesn’t undergo maturation during my harvesting, the potency of this strain is considerably higher than other strains and therefore more expensive.

This strain also tends to produce smaller mushrooms; sometimes under a half cup. While smaller mushrooms may sound bad, they actually have more flavor and are easier to harvest because of their size. The other great characteristic is its ability to produce a sweet dank smell from the inside of the cap when removed. I have been collecting this type of strain for years now and haven’t found another strain that produces this type of aroma.

My favorite of all mushroom strains, hands down, is the Z island. It is so potent, it really gets your body buzzing early, with a deep, dark aroma. In addition to producing that body buzz early, it produces that awesome mushroom taste as well. This one also tends to produce smaller mushrooms, making them easier to harvest, and less potent. The downside of this strain is, it can produce an unpleasant smell from the inside of the cap when removed.

My favorite of all grower fungi, maybe even THE best, is the Wopy Mycelium strain. It is highly prolific and tends to produce a lot of mushrooms in a short amount of time. If your looking for a high yield, fast grower, or a mushroom that smells fantastic, than Wopy Mycelium is for you.

One of my favorite attributes about this strain is how it looks. It looks just like any other mushroom, it has white cap mushroom edges, but its mycelium is larger than most. This makes it stand out and looks great. Its mycelium that produces the large amounts of nutrients that help to make this a powerful grower but also gives it amazing visuals. Great visuals to boot, mycelium grows very fast and looks great!

There are two major differences between Wopy Mycelium and the other z strain mushrooms I’ve grown. The first is the potency. While all three have about the same potency, Wopy Mycelium tops the charts as the most potent of all three. Its potency is so good, in fact, that it only needs a single cut to create a huge crop. Its caps are large and stick out, almost like a spike.

The second difference between these mushrooms is in the shape of the caps. All other z-strain mushrooms have round caps, while Wopy Mycelium have square ones. This is again because of the psilocybe cubensis’ ability to multiply and stick to its cap. Cubensis also contains a lot of fiber, which greatly helps with the psilocybe’s ability to stick to its cap.

As you can see, there are quite a few differences between all three strains of the of strain mushroom. But all three have something to offer any grower, beginner or expert. It’s just a matter of how you use them. Which one you use depends on what your needs are.

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