How to Change Your Name – Important Tips For Successful Change of Address

how to change your name

The most tedious post-nuptial name change proceeding is the least exciting aspect of getting married, in my opinion. The legal process can be grueling and sometimes it’s easy to just procrastinate, even months later, legally altering your title. In my experience, the key to changing your title quickly and easily is having a plan. Below are some tips that can help you create a legal title change quickly and easily.

It may seem like a simple question but what if you had a child? What would happen to how to change your name your marital status during your child’s childhood? Many people who change their names do not have children so it might seem silly to think about this, but just remember that your status won’t change until you have a child. So, as soon as you finish your name change, start planning for your child’s future.

If you already have a son, there are ways of quickly altering your last name to your maiden name. If you don’t yet have a daughter, you can use your maiden name when requesting a court order and you’ll be in the clear. So for example, if you applied for custody and you were using your maiden name, your request would be denied.

How to change your name if you’re changing your gender is a little more involved. You’ll need to file a petition with the county where you live, and then wait a few months for them to process your gender change (they’ll give you an address and a new Social Security card). After your petition has been filed, you can change your last name to your new one. Just make sure you use the spelling of your new name that you want on your legal documents.

If you’re still not over the legal age required to change your name, you might want to consider the other options. You can always choose to marry someone who is older than you, in most states. You could also just change your name and hope that your spouse happens to be willing to adjust his or her last name to match yours. If you plan to get married anyway, however, how to change your name should definitely be on your list of concerns.

Another option you have when it comes to how to change your name is to apply for a passport name change. Almost all passport applications ask for your maiden or previous names and you may have to complete a Change of Name form. However, if you’ve already completed your marriage, married without your partner knowing, or have moved to a different state, it’s probably easy for you to just pick up your new marriage license and go.

If you don’t already own a home and are seeking a loan to purchase a house or property, you might want to check with your bank, credit card companies, and mortgage lenders and find out how to change your name when you apply for a new driver’s license. Each financial institution has its own set of rules about how to change your license so you’ll want to shop around. Some lending institutions require you to change your maiden name to your new driver’s license driver’s name. Others only need you to change your social security number, or you may be required to mail in a signed title or other documents as proof of your identity.

How to change your license won’t be a problem if you have a legitimate reason for making the change. For example, if you’re changing your license to avoid arrest after driving under the influence, it won’t be difficult to change your name. If you’re applying for a loan because of divorce, moving, military service, or any other legitimate reason, the process can usually be completed within a few short weeks, and most likely without incident. Just follow these simple guidelines on how to change your license and avoid any unnecessary hassles.

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