The Power of Everyday Visioning

Are you ready…

…To step into your greatness?

What is your guiding Vision?

Your Highest Vision is the imagination of your highest dreams and deepest desires realized, as if you are already living them. Vision is a spiritual gift that is unique to you; unique because it comes through you and you are unique. And it is available all the time – it is available now.

A true Vision inspires, compels and Vision 20 pulls you toward the Vision itself. And it naturally moves you toward the expansion and expression of who you really are.

“Anything is possible” in a Vision. And anything that you can imagine is possible for you.

Visions come in all sizes. You can have a Global Vision or a Life Vision. You can have a Vision for your business, health, relationships, or any other area of your life.

And you can have a Vision for a project, a talk, a presentation, performance, book, article or any other area of your work, business or creative expression.

The purpose of a Vision is to pull you forward into a fuller expression of your Greatness. Being true to who you really are, expressing that full out in the world and having the impact you are meant to have.

Everyday Visioning

Everyday Visioning is a daily practice of feeling and sensing into your Vision as you see or know it at present. The act of visioning unfolds your Vision and continuously expands it beyond what you now know it to be.

Visioning empowers and keeps your vision alive. It opens up new possibilities and inspires you with fresh ideas, next steps and actions.

Bring the energy and spirit of the Vision itself into your visioning and they continually expand. This energy and Spirit grow in resonance within you and radiate out beyond you into your world.

As this happens you experience all kinds of unexpected assistance showing up. Synchronicity and serendipity occur, helpful people show up and doors open where none had previously appeared.

Everyday Visioning Practice

I use everyday visioning to see or sense my greater Soul Purpose Vision each morning. I also have a vision for each project or presentation that I am working on and spend time in visioning each one.

I focus on one project in the morning and one after lunch, and spend ten minutes in visioning each one before I begin to work on it. An everyday kitchen timer is great for this.

Here are four key elements in everyday visioning:

1. The spirit and energy of the Vision.

2. Who you desire to be.

3. The project itself and

4. The people you are serving and its impact on them.

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