The Very Idea of Blogging

Not to be confusing but most definitely share similarities with the 1958 hit TV movie – The Blob, about an alien life form that consumed everything in its path as it grew and grew and grew. A blog, making its debut some forty odd years later, is a personal entry on a website, usually regarding specific news or a particular subject. The blog is entered by a blogger. Blogs are written in chronological order and most commonly displayed in reverse chronological order. Although sometimes most blogging is attributed to personal soapboxes, shock bloggers or individuals with way too much time on their hands, other groups, such as, religious and professional clusters, political parties, businesses, and media organizations, have caught on to the blogging frenzy. Bloggers can sometimes control who they expose their blogs to and who they allow to respond to their exposure. However, anyone can have a voice in blogging and the world is their audience.

In some instances writers believe that they have died and gone to heaven through blogging . They feel they’ve cut out the middle man and can now do the work of most editors and publishers. This has long been a gray area where they’ve felt much of their work had been distorted due to editors and publishers trying to appeal to particular audiences.

As some of us take tiny baby steps in capturing the very idea of blogging, the rapid pace of technology is already changing the current status of blogs. A typical blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs, web pages, and other media related to its topic. The popularity of digital audio players such as iPods has incited the growth of typical blogging to the more advanced/complicated blogging with audio content. Downloading these audio blogs, more commonly known as “podcasts” is the equivalent of radio “on demand.” Bloggers can choose and download a wide range of audio files, including music, talk radio-like commentaries and lectures and then listen to them at their convenience using a portable media player or PC. Cell phones with built-in digital cameras and wireless Internet connections are also changing the pace of blogging, as well. Bloggers utilizing these tools can snap a picture, write a short caption and then post it on a “moblog” or mobile log, regardless of time and place. Creating a blog is as simple as finding a website that will provide step by step instructions on how to do so.

Just as the World Wide Web provided us with instantaneous information on almost any subject or topic, blogging has provided us with an immediate platform of communication with an abundance of responses on any subject or topic. Blogging also has great potential to enable ground reporting when news happens quickly or in remote locations. Blogger responses can be quite intelligent, passionate, and emotional, which is clearly an advantage if the blogger is familiar with the issue at hand. On the other hand blogger responses can be quite passionate and emotional with absolutely no sign of intelligence. Blogging doesn’t only respond to a subject or topic; it creates a voice directly to other bloggers, which in some cases beautiful music can be made between bloggers, in other cases an on-line riot can be incited at any given blog. Blogging is not always for the faint at heart; it wouldn’t hurt to develop an extra layer of skin.

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