Three Ways To Fail Your PMP Exam Audit

The Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Professional (PMP) credential is a globally recognized certification of project management knowledge, skills and experience Security+ certification. . So it’s not surprising that PMI takes great care to insure the quality of its certification process, from application through post certification.

When you apply to sit for PMI’s PMP Certification, you will submit a qualification of your education, quantification of your project management experience and classroom hours. If accepted, you can then take the PMP Exam. And if you pass, you’ll be added to the PMI list of certified Project Management Professionals with all its privileges.

You and every PMI certified professional deserves to know that their hard fought credential will retain its value and integrity year in and year out. PMI takes this responsibility very seriously. One of the ways they insure the integrity of your PMP certification is by auditing applicants as well as certified PMPs throughout their programs.

Your PMP application and, later, your PMP Status, can be audited at any time. There are a lot of rumors about PMI’s audit selection criteria, but the truth is that the audit selection process is completely random. There is no control chart of outliers or red flags.

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