Time For a More Cost Effective Truck Insurance Model

Big rig truck drivers, trucking company owners – anyone who is involved with the trucking industry – are the backbone of this country. The United States as we know it would collapse – and catastrophically so within mere days – without trucks and the men and women who own and operate them as they deliver the food and other goods vital to a stable society.

As these heroes on wheels criss-cross states and the breadth of the country, they often need places to rest, eat, shower and stretch their legs. Trucking company owners and their drivers know how important long haul truck insurance is to the viability of a trucking company. But a good, clean truck stop, with a great restaurant and adequate facilities for both truck and driver are perhaps the best compliment to long haul truck insurance. Resting and relaxation can help ensure the driver and cargo both arrive at their delivery destinations safely and on time.

Some trucks stops have really taken the “art” of providing respite to truck drivers to new heights. Some offer long haul trucking insurance bowling alleys, movie theaters, free Wi-Fi, even chiropractors.

Below are a few of the best truck stops in the United States:

The Lodi Travel Center in Lodi, Ohio, offers drivers a Starbucks so that they can get a venti caramel macchiato or Columbian espresso to help stay awake for the long drive to come. Drivers also may bring laptops into the lounge and log on to one of 20 available Internet hook ups.

The Boz Bros. Truck Stop in New Lisbon, Wisconsin, has a terrific restaurant with great down-home cooking (check out the biscuits!). A belly full of good food is a great offering for the hungry trucker.

Drivers know there’s little worse than driving for 10 or more hours straight as far as wear and tear on a body is concerned. That’s why the Highlands Petro Truck Stop’s on-duty chiropractor is such a Godsend. The Racine, Wisconsin, stop has a chiropractor on hand to adjust and manipulate backs, buttocks and hamstrings.

Drivers eager to sweet talk Lady Luck should check out the Alamo Plaza Travel Center in Sparks, Nevada. The truck stop sports a 12,000-square-foot casino with more than 260 slot machines, blackjack tables and keno games. All this is in addition to a great restaurant, Petro Lube Truck, tire and lube bay and a Petro travel store.

Finally, the world’s largest truck stop, the Iowa 80 in Walcott, Iowa, offers drivers space for 800 rigs, a 350-seat restaurant (with a 50-foot long salad bar!), private showers, barbers and even dental services. There’s also a large lounge that offers weary road warriors leather chairs before a fireplace.

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