Video Replacing Print Media

The condition of the print industry has recently been hotly debated. Many of the large newspapers are closing their print editions and moving over into a digital publishing model. But is print media dying? There is an upheaval in the world of information sharing that suggests that digital media will rule.


A key component that is contributing to the swing towards digital media is the accessibility of content. In a short amount of time a person can easily access news from all over the world. The content is increasingly becoming more interactive by supplying the reader with links to more information as well as relevant videos. Video production has grown exponentially to keep up with the demand for online content.

Advertising and Marketing

The world of advertising and marketing is undergoing radical changes in response to the change in the way companies reach customers. While there is still a demand for glossy magazines and other print media advertising firms are working feverishly to create online content that can impact consumers as they use their electronic devices. Cutting edge video production is one tool that they are using to reach out to new video production atlanta and existing customers. Videos are being used to advertise products, broadcast personal testimonials or to create tutorials that explain how a product works which encourages customer loyalty. With digital media it is easier to target specific markets and often the cost of advertising is lower.

The Growing Technology

Communication has evolved over time and been has grown under the influence of contributions by men such as Gutenburg who invented moveable type or Marconi and others who pioneered radio and television broadcasting. Now communication technology is growing so rapidly that it is ushering in a new era where information from around the world is instantly accessible with the touch of a button. The mobile content industry is exploding. Publishers are looking for more ways to engage and entertain consumers through various visual and multimedia platforms. The data transfer speeds on hand-held devices has increased and mobile technology continues to expand allowing video to run smoothly with increased stability. “The world of video production is evolving. The demand for exceptional video production and editing is increasing as the need for more online content is required.” explains Danny Gonzales, owner of Optimum Productions in Atlanta.

And The Winner is…

Currently, there is a place for both print and video. Many of today’s thought leaders believe that there will always be a place for print media and that their concerns over a lack of permanence with digital media and its inability to freeze in time are justified. It is too early in this era of digital technology to say for sure if print media will survive. Today’s publishers are playing it smart and using a combination of digital and print media to engage and influence consumers.

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