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Designing and building a website or blog can be easy and simple. When you are in an internet business, designing and building a website is just more than just plain design with contents and graphics. You will be more interested in creating one that have people coming to your site more often and to be your customer.

First you got to know what is the purpose of you website or blog. Are you there to create a site for people to just read your content or are you there to do business ( that is to sell something).

Fancy designs and graphics can be great to look at. It may be exciting to most to have a fantastic website just to look at.

There will be many reasons for your website, when you planned to create one in the first place. There are the type of template you will want to decide on. There will be the hosting services you intend to take up. It could be a free site, as in a free blog, where you will want to update as often as you like. It could be a static website to sell your products.

All in all, you will need to keep you site organised. Keeping in mind the people coming to your site. And you will want your website to be optimised and ranked high in search engines.

Systematically in the beginning you will want to choose a theme and a domain name for your site. The web hosting we mentioned earlier. Thinking of the features you will want to include in you site, like autoresponder. Whether you want to gather infos of people coming to your site and capture their information, so you can contact them later, and to do your upsell campaigns.

Foremost, you will want to know how to get people coming to your site; that is traffic generations. You will be thinking of whether to pay for these traffics; or your have other means of free traffics.

This is E K Gann. My aim here is to work together and help others starting business online. Especially beginners who are facing problems and difficulties getting resources.

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