A Beginners Guide to Blogging 101

Different people use blogs for different things, it can be used as a public diary to show those you know what’s been going on in your life, what’s going on with your company, showing others how to do something, use for selling a product and many other uses. Blogs come in all shapes, colours and sizes and most of the popular blogging sites have support for hyperlinks, pictures, videos and music.

Blogs are not just restricted to text, for instance I have used a video blog and an audio blog in the past with some great results.

The basic content of a blog are made up of the following parts, the first is your obviously a title fastnewsisland.com . Your title should be original and capture the interest of your readers/viewers/listeners straight away. It should have a clear description of what your blog is about.

Next you need the body or content of your blog. This is the main content of your blog, for example, if your blog is on dog training, this would be where you offer your knowledge and information on how to train dogs. Your blog should also contain a comments section where people can leave their views and opinions on your blog. If you have your own website you will have the option of a trackback link which in its basic form is a link back to your website from the blog site. The benefits of a trackback link are it will help you get viewers to your site which has benefits if you are attempting to sell products, it will also help your ranking within most of the major search engines. Your blog will also have its own fixed URL which you can market and advertise across the internet to bring visitors into your blog. This will also be available on the search engines for people to find organically.

Blogging has some clear advantages. The most obvious one is getting your content seen or heard by millions of people across the world. The better the content of your blog, the more it will be viewed hence why it is worth taking the extra few minutes to check your content over and make sure it is worthwhile for your followers. Most blogs are also readily set up for you to use. What this means is that you will already have your boxes set up for Title, Body, Footer etc. This will all be on one page which makes things much more simple for your viewers. This also makes things much simpler for first time bloggers such as yourself.

Blogs are used by almost everyone nowadays, they are used by major companies to show their customers what is happening with them. They are also used by news and sport companies to make it easier for people to follow up on results and comment on them and keep up to date with current news topics and air their views.

Blogging has become even more popular recently among the online entrepreneur community with them using blogs to advertise their businesses or products, or even just for some good publicity to get visitors to their sites and get people reading their content.

The possibilities of blogs are endless and there are practically no rules to them either. They leave you free to speak freely about anything you want.

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