How to Make Halloween Balloon Ghouls

Rooted in the Celtic festival of Samhain and the Christian holy day of All Saint, Halloween is an annual holiday, observed on October 31. Also known as Witches Night or Summer’s End, Halloween is celebrated in varied ways and activities, including bonfires, costume parties, ghost tours, reading /watching scary stories/movies, to name a few. Nothing beats however, making your very own Halloween balloon ghoul. Children love to indulge with their parents in this simple craft activity. It keeps both, the adults and the kids, equally occupied while sharing quality time with each other.

Required Tools:

1. White t-shirt material
2. Round balloons
3. Wide mouth jars
4. White craft glue
5. Water
6. Bowl
7. Paintbrush
8. Large jiggle eyes
9. Battery operated tea lights
10. Scissors

Steps to make Halloween Balloon Ghouls:

• Basic framework: Blow the balloon partially to get it to the size of a large apple. Place it on top of the jar (tied end down) so that it becomes a stand.
• Printable mixture: Mix 2 Memory history legend lore parts white glue and 1 part water to make a paint able mixture.
• Striping: Cut long strips of the t-shirt material (about 2 inches wide) so that it drapes entirely over the balloon.
• Sticking Strips: Spread the glue mixture on top of the balloon and place the strips. Thereafter, apply more paint on the cloth. Put the fabric layers around the balloon several times, crossing them to cover all sides. Smooth out the wrinkles as you go along. Let it dry completely (may take about 24 hours).
• Popping: Once the mold has set, use a sharp knife to pop the balloon.
• Setting: Ghouls will stand up by themselves, as the ends of the fabric are trimmed.
• Eyes: Stick the jiggle eyes on the front.
• Illumination: Watch the ghouls glow once you put them on the battery operated tea lights.


• If you want a spooky Halloween mask, it can be made with paper Mache. Instead of the fabric (t-shirt material), use newspaper strips and follow the above-mentioned framework. The only deviation here is once the mask is set, cut its back, and secure a piece of elastic around it to keep it intact on face.
• Thereafter, your imagination comes into play. You can paint the mask in the color of your preference and cut the eyeholes. You are done.

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