Juggling 5 Ball Cascade – How to Get Started

In order to learn 5 ball juggling, it is assumed you can already juggle a very good 3 ball cascade pattern and do quite a few tricks. It is not essential that you have learned 4 ball juggling as odd numbers of balls are juggled differently than even numbers, but there are several 4 ball tricks that can help you to learn 5 ball juggling.

5 Ball Juggling is not easy and it will take a lot of time and practice and a lot of dropping, but persevere and it will be worth it! Please note that I use the terms “favoured hand” and “weaker hand” instead of mentioning “left” and “right” hands. This makes it easier for left handed people especially to understand these tricks!

What Does This Pattern Look Like?

The actual 5 ball cascade is the same pattern as the 3 ball cascade, only it is higher and a lot faster! This may sound quite simple, but bear in mind that in the cascade, the balls pass through the same central point, and therefore if your timing or accuracy is slightly off, then the balls are more likely to collide!

Find Other Advice

When researching how to do 5 ball juggling, everyone seems to have their own opinions as to which tricks and techniques are best. The advice I offer here is one possible way to learn to 5 ball juggling, but feel try other peoples advice also! Find your nearest Juggling Club or Convention in order to meet other jugglers who can encourage you and help you out.

Don’t Give Up

3 ball cascade and 4 ball juggling may have took you just a few days/weeks to master, but 5 ball juggling will take you much longer, so be prepared! It took this author a few years of practice before it became solid.

Learn 3 and 4 Ball Tricks

Try learning every trick in this article as there are some good 3 and 4 ball juggling patterns which will help you to master 5 ball juggling, but they are excellent tricks anyway to add to your repertoire!

What Height Should I Throw To?

This is a trade off, as you will know from juggling 3 balls that the lower you can throw, the more accurate 36 togel a pattern you have, but the less time you have to make each throw, and vice versa. Some people suggest that you should throw to the height that is as high as you can reach when you are on tip-toes. The choice is yours!

How to Hold 3 Balls in one Hand

When it comes to numbers juggling (eg 5 or more balls), then it is best to purchase some balls that are either a bit smaller than normal or a lot squishier, because you can’t change the size of your hands that are holding them! You will find that 5 ball jugglers all have their own favourite type of juggling ball and favourite method of holding 3 balls, so experiment a little until you find a method that works for you! Beanbags take up little space and have the added advantage of not rolling away when they hit the floor!

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