The Advantages of Producing Industrial Design Documents Using CAD Software

industrial design sketches

Product design drawings allow for an easy presentation of an innovative idea before it is available for a three dimensional demonstration. Glober Design is experienced in creating high quality 3D drawings for your products and industrial engineering applications. Professional designers create product design sketches from a digital file using state-of-the-art technology.

In the last five years, digital technology has advanced at a tremendous pace. Rapidly changing technologies have presented new challenges and opportunities for industrial designers. The advent of CAD software has brought about dramatic changes in the way that manufacturing and industrial design are done. CAD software allows for rapid creation of intricate details and superior quality drawings. These new opportunities have brought about a need to update industrial design sketches accordingly.

When planning to update industrial design sketches, it is important to understand the nature of the industry that the design application is intended for. Aspects such as material, shape, size and speed of manufacturing processes vary from industry to industry. It is imperative to consider these factors while designing the sketch so that it can be used in multiple applications. Depending on the nature of the industry, it may be necessary to change the scope of application and make the drawing specific for the manufacturing process. There are specific industrial designers for different kinds of industries including food and chemical processing, metal alloys, pulp and paper industry, packaging and paper industry and so on.

Most of these product design drawings can be implemented by using computer programs such as AutoCAD. This software package can create detailed and accurate concept sketches that can then be refined for production. A wide range of industrial designers are available who specialize in specific product sketches including industrial concept sketches. Some of the advantages of utilizing concepts sketches produced by other companies include:

Convenience – Conceptual drawings produced by companies other than the one employing the concept designer can be more convenient as they can be drawn directly from the CAD software without the need for an expert designer. However, most of the concept sketches produced by companies other than the ones employing industrial designers are done with the help of an expert designer. It is not uncommon for industrial designers to produce Concept Sprints using physical models of products so that they can be refined further. It is possible for concepts to be produced more rapidly if the manufacturer has a good understanding of the complexity involved.

Accuracy – It is possible to obtain concept sketches that are technically accurate but still need to be adjusted because of inaccuracies that may creep in during the manufacturing process. To remedy such problems, it is possible to have a professional alter the sketch slightly before it is sent to the company for production. This ensures that the concept sketches produced are accurate to the slightest detail. This is especially important when the product is being manufactured in bulk. Correct accuracy of the concept sketches can make a big difference to the way that the industrial design is conceptualized and then brought to reality.

Timeliness – One of the biggest advantages of producing the industrial design in CAD software is that you are able to deliver your product on time. A well designed concept sketch is often difficult to adjust but it is not impossible. This is possible because the adjustment of each detail of the sketch is controlled by the program that ensures that the adjustments are instantaneous and do not affect the accuracy of the sketch. This is very important as many industrial products must be delivered on time. Therefore, this becomes an important advantage of producing your product in CAD software.

Having accurate concept sketches can give you great design flexibility which is necessary if you want to make changes to the design once it is in concept. Once your product is produced, it is easy to alter the design as you see fit and make any final adjustments that are required. The time that you will spend producing and finalizing your concept design is less than what it would cost you to change the design once the product is finalized. You also save money as well, which is another important advantage.

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