The Love For Jewellery

We have been using the likes of gems, diamonds and gold from Egyptian times and even further back. The admiration of Jewellery has been consistent across space, time, and religion, cultures, class and genders. What is it about jewellery that lures us to it’s inner structural beauty? Could it be the combination of beauty and value that attracts us to it. By having these beautiful materials in our possession does it gives us a sense of value and meaning and some form of security. We know in times of need we can exchange these materials for cash, and the rarer the stone the more value it becomes. By owning expensive jewellery we tell others subconsciously we are important individuals and highly valued. There as always been meaning behind certain stones. For example a ruby may symbolizes passion so by attaching oneself to it we actual feel or create those characteristics and use it to our advantage. With the pressures of the modern world were material things equates to success, we will do all we can to try to stand out from the crowd. So If that means owning a rare material or jewel, we are saying as individuals I have status and I want to be valued.

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Look at diamonds. We know now how that the natural diamond formation takes thousands, even millions of years, and requires extremely high pressure and temperatures buy gold in abu dhabi . In other words, you need the right environment to turn them into objects of desire. These conditions make diamonds one of the hardest substances known to mankind and one of the most indestructible. And for some reasons we are intrigued by the shape and beauty of what a diamond signifies i.e romance, elegance, class, status. Its now common to see young men wearing diamond chains and studs and this reflects how times have change were wearing jewellery was inappropriate back in the past. Wearing diamond earrings is a status thing saying I’m cool, confident and good looking.

Gold is another metal we value and trade when things get tough. When the world economy starts to drop down, we see that gold starts to rise and becomes a valuable asset against gloomy times. So we know we can use jewellery for beauty purposes but it can also be used as a trade off for cash in times of needs too

Diamonds are becoming increasingly unattainable by most women of today’s society. We have less disposable income than we have had over the past decade, but our passion for jewellery has not suffered from deflation. Although we love to buy special pieces for ourselves, not many of us can afford to any more, and so we are looking for better valued alternatives that still have the allure of diamonds. We do not like to admit that out Chanel handbag really came from the high street, just the same that we would rather people thought our jewellery was designer. With contemporary cubic zirconia jewellery, no one would guess otherwise as it has all the qualities of diamonds, without the hefty price tag.

Cubic Zirconia (CZ) is the cubic crystalline form of Zirconium dioxide (ZrO2). It is a hard, optically flawless and usually colourless material although it can be made in a variety of colours. This can make it look like other precious gemstones such as sapphire and ruby. You can choose which colour matches your colouring the best. Because CZ can be cut into an array of shapes and styles, it is a suitable material for timeless classics and more fashionable pieces of costume jewellery.

In many ways, cubic zirconia actually out performs diamonds. Modern CZ production techniques have flawless results whilst most diamonds come with some kind of flaw, be it a feather or cloud in the internal structure of the stone. Whilst our perception of diamonds is ‘perfection’ very few actually are. Only the rarest of diamonds are completely colourless, having a yellow or brown tinge to them, CZ has no colour whatsoever, unless the manufacturer wants it to have a colour.

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