Who Can Apply For An Archive Deed?

apply for an archived deed poll

The most basic way to apply for an archive is by filling in forms available on the local government website. These forms are available for properties that were transferred between people as well as commercial and residential properties. However, if you apply for an archived deed poll the document itself should be sent to you. The form can be returned and then a reply letter will be sent to you.

It is necessary to fill in the relevant information on the form provided. Some of the information needed would include your name, address, date of birth and your land registry number. You will then be required to write in the date of birth, whether you are a citizen or a permanent resident and any other requested information. If you apply for an archive you will need to give the address of the property if it has been transferred between the two of you will also need to provide an address for the surveyor who will carry out the poll.

If you apply for an archive, you will need to provide a signed document as evidence that you know the correct dates. This does not mean you have to actually keep the original deeds on hand, you can simply use one as a proof of date. After you complete the form it will be checked against the relevant deeds to make sure you have followed the correct procedure. In the majority of cases an archive can be awarded within a week.

You do not have to pay for an archive. There is no fee to apply for an archive deed poll. However, you will have to pay a fee if you wish to obtain a copy of the poll certificate. If you need to get a certificate in more than one area, you will have to pay an extra fee. If you fail to register your deed with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea before the poll is conducted then you will not be able to get an archive copy. If this is the case then you should contact them as soon as possible.

To apply for an archive, you will need to pay the appropriate fee plus any applicable charges. These include a fixed charge, if your poll is applied for over a certain amount of days or at intervals, a voluntary renewal charge and a special additional charge. All of these apply at the same time so there is really nothing extra. There will only be one application fee.

If you apply for an ordinary poll, you will have to pay a special additional charge. This can increase to a fixed rate if your property poll is applied for after specified dates and on specific dates. The main reason for this is because the costs of carrying out the survey is based on how long it takes to find all the deeds for your property. It also depends on how many properties are involved in the survey.

If you need to apply for an archive, it is important that you check your property records to make sure that you do not own a property that has already been included in a poll. You will not be able to apply for an archive if you own a property that has been included in a previous poll. If you do not own any property records then you may have to pay for them. It is worth looking in to whether your property has been recorded properly or not.

A sample document setting out the conditions under which you can apply for an archive deed will be provided by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. If you cannot find this document then you should contact the local recorder’s office for the area in which you live. If you live in Kensington and Chelsea then you should go online and find a sample archive deed to be used as a guide. The sample document will state when the polls will be held, the fees to be paid, the time limit for which you can apply, and the format in which the information will be presented to the tenants.

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